Sunday, September 22, 2013

The first of MANY projects!

So, the roof project has grown....

The one thing we always thought the front of the house needed was a porch.  Right now we have a deck with a silly little overhang over the door.  I always imagined a gorgeous covered porch that we can sit on.  It would be so wonderful to curl up in an afghan and read out here.  Since we are doing the roof anyways, why not?!

The overhang and railing came off.

The posts and header went in.

The rafters came next.

Then the decking.  I even got on a ladder to help lay the decking!  It's starting to come together now.

I feel for our neighbors though since this took about a week for us to do ourselves.  They probably got tired of looking at this mess!  Especially since the next week it seemed that we were not working on it at all.

What were we up to?

I guess you have to wait and see....

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fiddling On The Roof

What have I been up to?  Well..... besides no good, not much except getting ready to rip apart the house and start over again.  It started off innocently enough.  We needed a new roof.  The old one was shot!  Last winter we started to get shingles blowing off in the storms.  Not good.  So my husband had a few weeks off and we decided to spend it putting on a new roof.

We had to strip off the old shingles because, A-nothing is ever easy and B-we had 3 layers on the roof already.  We did find, what we thought at the time, was a nice surprise though.

The original roof which is cedar shake.  It would be really cool if we could find a product to coat the shake with to make it weather tight.

Rustoleum has introduced a new product called Deck Restore.  It's a thick paint made for decks and concrete.  It was great for filling in the gaps and nail holes in the shake.  Just what we were looking for.  Bad news is it made the shake look like flat pieces of plywood on the roof.  We would have had to put shadows and highlights to get the look of the cedar shake back, so we ended up scrapping that idea.

We took off the black shingles and the green shingles and the even uglier green shingles under them and replaced with a dark brown.  It made such a huge change on the house too.

It also sparked the project bug in my hubby and led to another project that needed to be done BADLY!

Any guesses what that could be?