Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cancer Sucks!

Sorry I have been a little MIA, okay maybe alot.  I don't know if anyone is following this blog since it has been dead.  If you have, this is for you!

I have a good reason to be missing!  I swear!  Last year I started working, the kids went back to school, this is my daughter's senior year, the little one started first grade and life got HECTIC!  I found a little "bump" in my breast during the summer.  I kept putting it off thinking it was just a cyst and would go away.  By the time that the holidays rolled around I started to notice some changes in that breast.  I scheduled my annual slap and tickle exam with my OB/GYN a few weeks early.  He looked at it and scheduled a mammogram immediately.  I was starting to get a little nervous.  He said it could be nothing, but better safe than sorry.  I had the mammogram done and got the results on New Year's Eve, also the little one's birthday.  I have cancer.

Now for the big freakout!  Cancer?!  Seriously?!  Thankfully I chose the best person to be married to!  He is truly my rock!  He called and got me an appointment at Cancer Treatments Center.  We left to have all my testing done and the results in 3 days which turned into 2 weeks.  I did find out it was definitely cancer.  Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of the breast.  The "little bump" was 3.8 cm, which staged it as Stage 2 almost Stage 3.  It was recommended that I have a double masectomy.  Talk about being crushed!  I didn't want this!  Why is this happening to me?  It's not fair!

We went back home to think things over.  I had scheduled surgery for end of January.  It was all just happening too fast!  Thankfully, I have an awesome support system in my friends!  I talked to some who went through breast cancer, some going through it and some who had found out they had the BRCA gene mutation and opted for a double masectomy.  They are all gorgeous!  They look great!  I can do this!  In talking to them though, I decided I wanted to have the surgery closer to home for recovery reasons.  CTCA is an 8 hour drive from our house.  My OB/GYN was wonderful in putting me in touch with a friend of his who is also the director of women's breast health in the state of Michigan.

Enter Dr Stull!  Love love love this woman!  Yes I could have a lumpectomy.  Yes I could have a single masectomy.  No there was no reason for a double.  The lumpectomy would remove about half of the breast, which would mean a reduction on the other side.  A single masectomy would mean I could keep my breast size.  The vain part of me chose the masectomy.  The plastic surgeon recommended I go a little bigger though so they could do a lift on the other side to make them match.  Woohoo!  A booby prize!  Finally!

The surgery is done now.  The decision to go with the masectomy was the right one.  When they did the pathology on the tissue they removed, they found a second cancer forming.  If I had gone with a lumpectomy, I would of had to have had chemo and more than likely been back next year for a masectomy anyways.  My test scores weren't high enough to warrant having chemo, but I do have to be on estrogen/progesterone blockers for 7 years to attempt to keep the cancer from coming back.

So, now that I am "on the mend" I will have lots of time to post the little projects we have going on around the farmhouse here.  I still have yet to finish all the posts about the porch, which I LOVE!  Wait til you see the final product!  Of course, that sparked my husband to remodel the ENTIRE house now!  Future posts will be about living in a house while you are remodeling it.  Talk about a juggling act!  Yeesh.....


  1. Oh Maggie …. what a time you've been through and so worrying, not just for you but, the whole family. I'm so pleased that all the surgery has been done and that you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. { and, you've now got a pert set of boobs !!!! } Sending all of my love to you and your family and look forward to all of your future posts. Lots of love. and look after yourself. XXXX

  2. Oh Maggie! You have been on my mind so much lately, I have missed you! The big C, oy....it runs in my family and I keep waiting for it, so far so good. I am so glad you had lots of support and friends to talk to who had been through so many phases of it. Thank God you found the right Dr. that gave you some options. What decisions to make, but you chose wisely and am so glad you are doing well. So much stress for you and the family. I pray you have nothing but clear skies ahead. You are so strong to go through this and not tell us!! I'd be posting to the world and crying out of my mind. I'm so proud of you. Love you to pieces. Take care and look forward to watching your remodel juggling act :) xoxoxxooxox

  3. oh, dear. you've had quite the worrisome winter/spring. but hopefully your health is all good! my best friend went thru a double mastectomy and reconstruction last year. a long process, but she's healthy!