Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So About That Porch....

Okay, I think I have kept you in suspense with the porch long enough.  Remember where we left off?

Yup, that's it!  My construction zone!  It got a little quiet in the "zone".  I am sure that the neighbors thought we had given up on it!  We were secretly working on a little pizzazz for the old girl.  A little "jewelry" so to speak.

We used store bought spindles and custom crafted the handrails and footrails for them to be framed on!  It may have taken a bit of time to do, but in the long run it was so worth it!

I liked my old door.  It was old and just fit the look.  I wanted to strip it and stain it though to match the new look.  In the end....

....we opted to get a new door.  Love this one!  We also changed the way that the door swings open to go with the rest of the remodel also.

We also widened out the steps too.  Before we had these very narrow steps.  These are a full 6 feet wide.

We also had to make a statement at the end of them too.  Love these newels that my husband created!  So nice to be married to someone so talented!

My turn now!  Paint.  Lots and lots of paint!  I was seriously starting to wonder if I would ever get it all done.  I did have help from a certain teenaged girl who loves to paint though.  There was so much that by the time we were done, even she was tired of painting!  We of course had to make it a little challenging too.  We added yellow and red touches to it. 

A little gingerbreading....

....a new light....

....and I do think that the old girl is starting to smile again!

We started to do some landscaping, but shortly after this it got COLD!  I couldn't believe the winter we had!  I do have to say though..... porch made winter look good!

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  1. Well Maggie ……. how wonderful does that look ? What a brilliant job you have made of it and, lots of family contribution too !
    ……. and, one of my favourite things about American houses is ginger breading. We do have a little bit over here but not as much as you have. I love it. XXXX

  2. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, MAGGIE...this is HAVE to send photos in to a great decorating magazine....I just KNOW they would publish your beauty. BEFORES and AFTERS....
    I am totally impressed with you and your teen's painting ability.....AWESOME.
    xoxo bj

  3. OMG! You guys are amazing and what a talented team you make! Your porch is gorgeous!! Gingerbread always grabs me ;) Love the wide porch, it will be so fun decorating for the Holidays! :) I know bite my tongue!

    Thanks for all the sweet comments, especially the one about Cyndar. I still miss her everyday. And blame myself for not watching her closer to prevent the bloat. She was 8 and I know that's good for a Dane, but I always thought that was one thing she would never get because I wouldn't let her. I really let her down.

    A few months later we adopted what the shelter called a Doberman mix. Well, that's the last thing Bella looks like! Our vet said she is probably a Corgi mix. Since then My youngest son rescued a Staffordshire from the shelter. She is brindle and I mistakenly call her Cyndar instead of Tora all the time! So far they all get along for the most part. Katie is getting snippy, she's about 11 now and on the cusp of Cushing's Disease. Trying to keep it at bay with supplements to support her liver and very low protein dog food. They didn't find a tumor during her ultrasound, so that was good. But labs weren't good, whatever comes we will keep her comfortable till the end. Of course, who knows what or when that will be.

    How is your baby? I thought of him when we lost Cyndar.
    Take care