Monday, June 9, 2014

Now You See It, Now You Don't....

I am so excited that we are FINALLY moving on this project!  I am kinda curious as to what we will find also.  Who knows in this old house.  To get started we needed to clear out the area for the new half-bath.

I don't know why I seem to take alot of pics of my hubby's butt.  It is a nice butt though!  He is doing most of the heavy lifting while I stand around, hand tools, take pics....  I really hated to see my painted countertops go.  I worked so hard on them!  That must mean something better is coming....

We spent the whole weekend gutting this part of the room and getting the temporary kitchen set up.  Why does everything seem to take soooo long?!  We left all these walls in place though, moved all the cabinets and stove and removed that gorgeous flooring.  I hated that flooring!  I was so glad to see it go.  I think I may have even done a bit of the happy dance! Five (yes 5!) layers of linoleum and two subfloors later and the floor was done!

Here is some of the GORGEOUS linoleum that we found under everything.  I am sure that once upon a time it was all the rage and very in style.  Its also alot thicker and sturdier than the linoleum that is used now.  This stuff would of definitely lasted a lifetime.

We still have to remove the electrical outlet and gas line on the floor that was for the stove.  The single outlet is going to stay, but the double outlet is going to be removed.  We did patch in the subfloor where the dishwasher was.

We have a little bit of drywall repair that needs to be done from pulling the stone backsplash off.  This is the area though that we are using for the half-bath and laundry/temporary shower.  The window is going to stay in the bathroom for natural light.

Next step is to put up some walls and run the electrical and plumbing.  For now though, I am off to pick out some paint colors....

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