Monday, June 16, 2014

Walls That Define You

Progress is coming along in the bathroom.  It seems slow since we are only able to work on it on the weekends though.  I am excited to get on to the "making it pretty" part.  For now though, we need some walls for privacy in the pooper.

Ta da!  You can still see the temporary kitchen on the other side of the walls.  The hard part was trying to build walls when you have no place to lay them out!  It was a bit of a wrestling match.  I'm not really a whole lot of help, so my poor hubby is doing the most of the work.  Next came the boooring part, HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

The heat vent is in.  It is going to be located on the wall between the toilet and vanity.  The electrical outlets are all GFI outlets.  The first cool little gadget is the light switch!  I love this part.  You never have to turn on/off the light.  When you walk into the room, the light automatically comes on and shuts off about 10 minutes if there is no movement.  GENIUS!  I want these on all the lights in the house!  The only place that these couldn't be used is in the bedroom.  The light would be going on and off all night from someone rolling over in bed.

This took us all weekend since our electrical is a hot mess in this house.  We are finding alot of hot messes though.  This did help to clean up some of it though.  We are replacing the greenfield wiring that is still in use here and upgrading the service to new wire.  The greenfield is a PITA to pull!  It's wire encased in flexible metal conduit and hard to pull out of the walls.

I won't even bore you with all the details of the electrical.  Besides, I didn't get a chance to take pics.  I was too busy handing tools anyways.

Next up, is drywall.  Funfunfun!

I do have a little project coming up this week though for all of you.  The first "Maggie" project in the bathroom.  I have been looking for the perfect light for this room without spending a ton of money.  I love what I have come up with and I hope you will also!  Until then....

Ciao Mon Ami!


  1. OOO, it always starts getting exciting when the walls start going up.
    Lots of work going on there (and I think your hubby's butt is cute, too...hahhaa) and you are going to have such a great place to "make pretty".
    The very best of luck on the upcoming surgery....
    hugs, bj